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Mental Health Awareness Week

The Mentah Health Foundation's Mental Health Awareness Week takes place this year between 18th and 24th May. The theme of the Week is to “Be Kind”, and this applies both to kindness towards others, and kindness towards yourself.

In the current unprecedented situation, this theme is particularly pertinent. As runners within NHRR, there are many things that we can do to help fellow members with respect to their mental health, as well as boosting our own mental health. Some ideas include:

* Most of the groups have their own WhatsApp or Messenger chat - reach out to other members and lend an ear. Whether it’s a chat about your latest run or just a quick “how are you?”, it’s always good to share highs and lows.
* Attend some of the online sessions - Karen has been offering regular Strength and Conditioning sessions on Tuesday evenings, and Karen and Pete have been running a fortnightly quiz on Saturdays. All of these sessions are friendly and suitable for everyone.
Take part in a virtual challenge - such as the 5k Masters’ Relay, or even the Purple Group’s Marathon relay race!
* Do some of the training sessions on the schedule sent out by Karen - yes it’s not the same as being with your lovely coaches :-) but it’s good to have a change and to feel like you’re part of something bigger, even when running alone.
* Give encouragement and praise to other runners - on the forum, on WhatsApp or on Strava - it makes them feel good and gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling!

We hope that you are all keeping well, and hope that we will all be running together again soon. If you would like more information about Mental Health Awareness week, please see

Re: Mental Health Awareness Week

Thanks for sharing this Helen. Have to say Pete and I are so missing everyone but it is lovely to see some squirrels online and sometimes when out running. So looking forward to getting together with everyone when we are able.