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Run of the Month Update June/July

Please see below the Run of the Month for June and July.

June 21st-28th is a 5 mile time trial. This is to fit in with a MWL type distance whilst not being quite so demanding as a 10km. Its also a less common distance, so maybe an opportunity to give it ago. Get your MWL picnics and baking planned in preparation for after this one :yum: #SpiritOfMWL

July 20th-26th is a 3km time trial. This is the week of the cancelled FVS 3km Relays. An event we would normally take part in.

Both events are over a week to help with social distancing and to allow flexibility when planning into your training schedule.

Note that the June 5 mile actually has 8 says, to include 2 Sundays. This is because the British Masters 5km is the week before, so this might allow a but more flexibility to get both done.

You don't need to blast these time trials, you can treat it as a tempo session, or even an easy session. You can also use it as a bench mark test if you like and try to get your best time. However, the aim is more about participation to create some team spirit with a common objective. Its an excuse to wear the vest and think of your team mates. So please join in however you can. :pray:

When running the virtual events, please abide by the latest social distancing guidance.

There will be a thread on the forum for the results submission.

Hope everybody had fun with the last one. Hoping to see some fantastic pictures of NHRR vests and bakes on Strava. :heart_eyes: :raised_hands:

We're all becoming experts at finding and running flat circular routes close to home, so if you find an even flatter route, share it with us.

Katie and John