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British Masters Virtual 5k Relays Results

Thank you to all who participated in the relays! We did fantastically! In both turn out and performance on the national stage. A scurry of 39 squirrels in total! :raised_hands:

It is also very pleasing to see squirrels from all groups take part. This was a proper team effort, demonstrating some of that Midweek League spirit that we've missed. :pray:

Many many thanks to all that ran and supported. I had a great time competing as a team and supporting others, as well as watching the results come in. It was great to see everybody's Strava feed lit up with efforts and pictures in vests. :+1:

Fantastic to see some people trying twice in the week - to try and improve their time. Some did improve!

The M35's had two complete teams out, with the A team finishing 14th. Well done guys! But they were backed up by a very solid B team - which is great to see the strength in depth there.

The M45's were equal 7th, it was very tight, with only 20s separated places 3rd to 7th. Equally with a solid B team pulling out some PB/SB times.

The M55’s was also tight. But there were some amazing results in here, that were not present of recent years. So the team placed 7th when they were expecting a podium place. But there was nothing they could have done about the other teams.

The W35’s were a fraction behind Long Eaton, with only 1s between them. But still making the top 70.

Unfortunately, we didn’t make up a W45’s team, which is a shame. But Well done to those who did run.

The W55’s were amazing, and finished in the top 30.

Team results are as follows;


14th. NHERT-A (1:40:58)

Darren Sunter (16:01), Stewart Overton (16:19), Edward Price (16:36), Nathan Pask (16:51), John Rayner (17:32), Adam Bowller (17:39).

59th. NHERT-B (1:54:03)

Peter Clarke (17:40), Darren Matussa (17:44), John Auld (17:59), Andy Mutton (18:21), David Weston (20:40), Steve Brenton (21:39).


=7th. NHERT-A (1:08:41)

Mark Vaughan (16:38), Jim McConnel (16:56), Matthew Sayers (16:56), Nicholas Malpeli (18:11).

67th. NHERT-B (1:18:03)

Vincent Wright (18:38), Ian Datlen (19:34), James Dalton (19:37), James Walsh (20:14).

=7th. NHERT-A (54:56)

Andrew Leach (16:39), Adrian Sherwood (19:08), Peter Sibbett (19:09).


69th. NHERT-A (1:37:54)

Jane Clarke (21:29), Tracy Pitcairn (21:30), Angeliki Shearstone Stathopoulou (24:07), Helen Marson-Smith (30:48).


29th. NHERT-A (1:16:17)

Karen Dodsworth (24:37),  Lucy O'Connor (24:51), Linda Aird (26:49).

Individual Results

Darren SUNTER (16:01 )
Stewart OVERTON (16:19 )
Edward PRICE (16:36 )
Mark VAUGHAN (16:38 )
Andrew LEACH (16:39 )
Nathan PASK (16:51 )
Jim MCCONNEL (16:56 )
Matthew SAYERS (16:56 )
John RAYNER (17:32 )
Adam BOWLLER (17:39 )
Peter CLARKE (17:40 )
Darren MATUSSA (17:44 )
John AULD (17:59 )
Nicholas MALPELI (18:11 )
Andy MUTTON (18:21 )
Vincent WRIGHT (18:38 )
Adrian SHERWOOD (19:08 )
Peter SIBBETT (19:09 )
Ian DATLEN (19:34 )
James DALTON (19:37 )
James WALSH (20:14 )
Natasha PITMAN (20:38 )
David WESTON (20:40 )
Rhia BOTHA (20:50 )
Jane CLARKE (21:29 )
Tracy PITCAIRN (21:30 )
Steve BRENTON (21:39 )
Richard WEBER (23:16 )
Dave BRAYBROOK (23:16 )
Karen DODSWORTH (24:37 )
Russell HAGAN (24:50 )
Lucy O'CONNOR (24:51 )
Linda AIRD (26:49)
Philip FLACK (28:52 )
Carina QUAYLE (29:44 )
Helen MARSON-SMITH (30:48 )
Lindsay COOK (34:55 )
Monica CULLIN (48:00 )

Sorry for the delay in publicising. I did want to give the results some time to settle with the verification checks. But also, I've just felt exhausted in the evenings this week :face_with_thermometer: but had some recovery now...


Re: British Masters Virtual 5k Relays Results

Thanks John for organising and encouraging us...and well done o. Some amazing results!

Re: British Masters Virtual 5k Relays Results

Well done all - some very impressive results! Thanks to John for organising us all, and I am particularly grateful to the organisers who were very helpful and kindly allowed me to submit my result manually as I still can't upload via Garmin or Strava.

Re: British Masters Virtual 5k Relays Results

Actually scored in the teams and wasn't THAT much slower than the rest :smiley:

Re: British Masters Virtual 5k Relays Results

Nice one Steve! Great performance. Good work :+1: