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10km for the price of 5km - this Saturday counts double!

This Saturday is the First Saturday of the Month - and we all know what that means! Its the Best Saturday of the Month! :heart_eyes:

You can also use your time in the Fly 5km. Free to submit a time.

There's a team competition requiring at least 4 athletes for both a men and women's competition.

It would be good to get a team result here as well, so please have a look. :eyes:

August 1st is also Yorkshire Day! So what better way to celebrate? Try running like a whippet, in a flat cap...


Re: 10km for the price of 5km - this Saturday counts double!

Just a few comments about the team competition scoring on the Fly5k... These are written on the Facebook page.

Scoring for the inter-club competition is based on the Fly 5k time of your first finisher plus 3x the average of all other finishers in your club. To qualify you need a minimum of four men for the men's competition and four women for the women's competition. All runners count regardless of age group, and there's no need to form teams (other than make sure you have at least four people running) or do anything different to normal in terms of submitting your time, as it's all worked out from the individual results.
If you're the only one in your club, or you're not in a club, not a problem either, just carry on as normal!

The score system appears to biased towards only encouraging participation of faster runners as it works using an average time of all runners.

This may be because they are trying to encourage participation by making everybody feel like they are contributing to a team score, however, in practice, it may actually have the opposite effect.

We would NOT wish to only encourage faster runners, we ALWAYS wish to have runners of all abilities take part.

So if you have seen this and it has discouraged you from participating, then may we please re-encourage everybody to submit a time. :pray:

We would prefer to see a bunch of squirrels entered.

#EveryoneMatters - thats all that matters

Re: 10km for the price of 5km - this Saturday counts double!

Well done team, great to see 17 runners in the Fly inter club 5km. :+1:

Scores are in seconds.

Men’s Results

1) Sydney Striders - 4,997 (Fastest time: Greg CHURCHILL 18:44)

2) North Herts Road Runners - 5,402 (Fastest time: Nick MALPELI 18:42)

3) St Albans Striders - 5,409 (Fastest time: Gary WARREN 17:50)

4) Harpenden Arrows - 5,833 (Fastest time: Adrian CLOAKE 18:27)

Women’s Results

1) North Herts Road Runners - 5,669 (Fastest time: Rhia BOTHA 20:38)

2) Chiltern Harriers - 5,717 (Fastest time: Rebecca NKOANE 19:01)

3) St Albans Striders - 6,231 (Fastest time: Jenny MAGINLEY 19:54)

4) Harpenden Arrows - 6,997 (Fastest time: Jennifer FINLAY 26:11)