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FKT Record Attempt -The Hertfordshire Way (200 miles-ish)

Susan and I are attempting the non-stop FKT Record (Fastest Known Time) on the Hertfordshire Way next week

It's somewhere between 190 and 210 miles depending on the COVID diversions that have been put in place.

My current best is 106 miles in 24 hours, Susan's is 135 miles in 3 this is way larger than anything we've tackled before, and we are both very nervous, not only of the distance, and having to carry heavy packs, but also of navigating throughout the night with very little sleep (we plan to grab a few hours snoozing in fields and bus-shelters each night) .
The weather forecast is rain and wind every day, just to make it that much harder.

We start at 10.00 on Tuesday morning, from Royston (at The Stone), and hope to finish in the same place sometime Friday morning.

We are going for the 'Self-Supported Team Record' classification which means from the moment the attempt starts to completion, we are not allowed to accept any outside assistance (supplies or running-buddies) ....bang goes our plan for Tim to meet us with Sandwiches and fresh clothes!!

Adam Jacobs completed it earlier this year in the 'Supported' category, so he had a team feeding him, carrying his gear, arranging sleep stops and pacing him .....we plan to do it the hard way with no help !!!

If you want to follow us we will be on What's App Tracking , and I will post progress reports as we go, on the What's App Group Tim kindly set up for us.


Re: FKT Record Attempt -The Hertfordshire Way (200 miles-ish)

The very best of luck Mike and Susan. I hope all goes according to plan and you achieve the FKN record. I am sure you will! 👏😊