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Membership renewals

You may have received an email from England Athletics over the last few days letting you know that the end of the month is the cut-off for membership renewals. After that point you will not be an actively registered with EA.

You will remember that as a club we have offered various ways of renewing your membership, including a hardship fund, should you want to renew but are unable to do so because of the effects of the current pandemic. Please do talk to me if you want to make use of that. Otherwise I look forward to receiving a flood of renewals over the weekend in order not to miss the EA deadline. You can find details of how to renew on our membership page here:

Below is the original post which gives a little more detail of your membership options:

Membership Renewals

An update on membership renewals for this season.

The committee discussed membership renewals at our last meeting and we agreed the following:

  • The membership year stays as it is: 1 April to 30 March

  • Members who can afford to, should renew as normal

  • Members can apply for membership on the unemployed rate

  • Members who wish to, will be able to delay their renewal. Please contact the Membership Secretary to confirm.

  • If members are really struggling and do not feel they can afford to renew, but want to remain as members, please speak to the Membership Secretary (or Welfare Team) in confidence. No-one else will be made aware of this. The Committee has established a hardship fund which can be used to cover members' fees (including the England Athletics registration fee) in these unfortunate circumstances

  • Some of you have already renewed. Thank you for that. I will send any remaining notifications of renewal out over the next few days. Please note that we have a new category of Social Membership for any friends or family who do not want to run with us, but do want to party with us!!

Re: Membership renewals

Hi Phil,

I renewed my NHRR membership on-line in July but have still received an e-mail from EA stating my EA membership is about to expire. What do I need to do to ensure continued membership of EA?

Re: Membership renewals

I’ll check yours this weekend Carl.

Re: Membership renewals

I’ll check yours this weekend Carl. There are a few I received over the last few weeks that I haven’t yet processed.

Re: Membership renewals

OK Phil, many thanks.