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NHRR update on large group training, Club Survey Results, and 2020 club records/awards

Hello Hello!

You should have hopefully received an email with information on these topics. If you you have, then there is not need to read further :-)

In case you have not, here is the key information. You can get in touch if you want us to check why you did not get the email (we might not have your address or you might have opted out of receiving emails [you can change this by letting Phil our membership secretary know])

If you have any further questions, feedback or concerns, want to have the access to the attachments that are referenced here, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or any of the other committee members.

Club Survey

Many thanks to all (88!) of you who have completed the survey and gave their feedback. The result graphs are attached in the email for your interest. The key take home message for the committee was that we do not currently have a single clear communication channel and we appreciate that this has become especially apparent when it came to signing up for training. We have implemented a sub-committee that is looking into one unified platform (e.g. an NHRR app) as a one stop shop for all internal communication. This will not replace our externally facing channels (e.g. Facebook, Twitter). In the meantime, we will endeavour to communicate important information via forum, email and WhatsApp as these seem to be the most preferred options currently.

Thank you also for sharing how you feel about returning to the club, short and longer term. The coaches will take this into account, especially when we are allowed to go back to ‘normal’ business, e.g. by offering a couch to 5k like schedule for those who did not have a change to run much.

Larger Group Training (ie more than 6)

England athletics allow clubs now to have larger group sessions ( ie more than 5 plus one coach) as long as a "Covid-secure environment" can be created. This means that we need to assess and mitigate the risks; as well as ensure that athletes, coaches and the public remain safe. For that we have implemented a Code of Conduct for coaches and athletes as well as a Covid-19 Questionnaire that needs to be completed prior to each session. These documents are attached to the email for your interest (note these documents might still change). There is no action from you required now and it will only impact you if and when you sign up for a large group session. For those who are interested (and we appreciate that many of you may prefer to remain in small group sessions for now), we are trying out several booking systems that will a) make signing up for session easier and b) allows confirmation that you agree to the terms and conditions of larger group training. Not all sessions will be large group sessions, but we will see how it goes for a few weeks and also check demand. For any coaching questions please contact Karen at

Club records and awards

While there is an argument for virtual ‘time-trial-like’ races using a platform that reliably measures the distance and time being possibly even more accurate than some normal races, we have decided that no club awards or club records will be awarded for 2020. We felt that it would not be in the spirit of being inclusive as not everybody uses/has access to these platforms. We also felt that not being able to define how virtual races could replace ‘normal’ races for the awards prospectively (ie at the beginning of 2020), does again not give everyone the same chance to content for the awards. Saying that, this will not stop us from considering 101% and personality as these are not dependant on running and to come up with different awards for 2020 to be awarded early 2021.