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Run of the Month Update for September/October

Here are the Runs of the month for September/October.

Please post results in the separate results thread created.


September is a 30min distance challenge.

You have any time between the 7th-24th September to do your challenge. Rather than fixing the distance and seeing what the lowest time you can do this in. This challenge is fixed 30min time period and the challenge is how far can you run in this period.

You can do this as a 30min tempo which would fit into the training schedule a bit better or push a bit harder and do threshold. You can also do it a bit easier if you like.

Just put the vest on and spread some NHRR joy. :hugging_face:


The Virtial Standalone 10km takes place between the 27th September and the 11th October.

This is a great chance to take place in the Standalone run. It would be nice to get as many squirrels as possible taking part and spreading some club spirit.

T-shirts are available to buy and can be picked up before the race, so you can collect this and take part wearing the event T-shirt.

Otherwise do this in your club vest. Pictures and write ups most appreciated!