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Race report- Strive for 12 Ultra

Brilliant new event today .... Strive for 12! (In Weston).

60k race ....Run 5k per hour on the hour for 11 hours ... if you go over 58 minutes you’re out..... then on the 12th lap it’s race-time !

Tactics at play .... go fast each lap and get a rest, or take it steady and conserve your energy

At 1900 after running 55k, anyone still standing fights it out in one last muddy hilly lap as fast as possible ( in the dark )

Susan and I Fought our instincts and ran the first 11 laps , each in a conservative 36 minutes , to give us time to rest and eat before the next lap.

Genius discovery ...Chocolate Complan and Pork Pies are BRILLIANT race nutrition 😁😁😁

Proper drama in the last lap ...
my head torch broke on the start line , Susan kindly gave me hers (she’s like like the Florence Nightingake of running), and we went to battle with the speed demons

And the result .......Susan smashed 10th place and I managed 4th place.

Feels weird banging out a 5k at sub 23 after 55k but the race format really gets your adrenaline going ...I’d certainly recommend giving it a go

Thanks to NHRR coaches for giving us some extra va va voom over the summer

Next ultra in 13 days 😆😆

Re: Race report- Strive for 12 Ultra

Congratulations to both of you on an awesome race strategy and stunning pace for your final 5km after 55km of running. Sounds amazing!

Re: Race report- Strive for 12 Ultra

Hi Mike & Sue How do you do it!!! Well done

Re: Race report- Strive for 12 Ultra

Thanks’s really hard sticking to a steady plan for 12 hours’s very tempting to run too fast and use up energy too early in the day , or go so slow you don’t get chance to refuel
Quite a few runners were letting their competitiveness overrule sense , and posting 22-25 minute laps all day then had nothing left by the final ‘battle-lap’ so we probably made the right choices
Learnt a lot about different pacing and nutritional strategies for marathons too’s the first time I’ve taken a 4;1 mix of protein as well as carbs , and it seems to keep your muscles fresher as they get tired

Re: Race report- Strive for 12 Ultra

Thanks Ian
That’s 2 x 4th places in ultras this week....proper training with NHRR this year seems to be the magic bullet 😎🕷

Re: Race report- Strive for 12 Ultra

Congratulations Mike and Susan! Thank you for the tip on nutrition - I never seem to get that right!:blush: