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ATW Cross Country Series

ATW are hosting a Cross Country Series consisting of 3 races.

The dates are; :calendar:

Saturday 31st October
Saturday 19th December
Sunday 10th January

There is an individual series competition as well as a team competition.

The scoring team consists of 5 athletes in both men and women competitions.

The venue is at Merchant Taylor’s’ school, Northwood, near Watford.

There will be COVID policy in place. All 3 rounds will be starting in small, similar paced, waves using chip timing.

Details are available on the URL here.

If you would like to race, I am wondering if we can get some teams in?

Please enter yourself through the ATW event page.

Incidentally, the last fixture does clash with the Herts county XC date. I have confirmed with Herts CAAA. They plan to use this date at Stanbourough lakes. However, they are very unsure about whether this will be going ahead or not.


Re: ATW Cross Country Series

I would definitely be up for all of these - would be great to get some Squirrel teams out!

Re: ATW Cross Country Series

Please see video announcement here

I have entered all 3 races. :heart_eyes:

Re: ATW Cross Country Series

I'm in for all three :runner:

Re: ATW Cross Country Series

I really fancied these but so did Hannah and there's a 3 hour gap between the U11 and the Senior race :-(

Re: ATW Cross Country Series

I will renew membership and join you please (I 2nd claimed at did XC with you last season)